• Vacation in St. Louis

  • Posted on July 25, 2017
  • The city of St. Louis is on the shores of the Mississippi River and it has been known as a major port city within the state of Missouri.  The hot and humid summer months always turn into cold winters.  Spring and summer always bring thunderstorms and tornados, while the winter brings lots of snow.

    Here are the best things to do in St. Louis:

    Forest Park

    It is hard to imagine anything larger than New York City’s Central Park, but Forest Park is definitely bigger by approximately five hundred acres.  Anyone who ventures into this park will find something to do on any day of the week.  There is a zoo, summer concerts, a golf course, and multiple museums.  This park has been open since 1876, so it is full of history in addition to the nature trails and water sports that are available.  

    Anheuser-Busch Brewery

    Free tours are offered at this brewery and each one lasts for approximately forty-five minutes.  Everyone will leave with quite a bit more knowledge of their favorite beverage, plus they can put that new knowledge to the test as they drink their two complimentary beverages.  The Clydesdale horses make an appearance every afternoon, so people who want to see these magnificent creatures will want to plan their time at the brewery accordingly.  

    Grant’s Farm

    Ulysses S. Grant helped settle this land for farming back in 1854 and when he moved, he sold the property to August A. Busch, Sr.  The land has been owned by the Busch family ever since and is now operated by the family’s brewing company.  Visitors can see three hundred acres of animals and wildlife as well as concerts, animal shows, and even a petting zoo when they are there.  

    Missouri Botanical Garden

    This botanical garden is filled with wonder and amazement that will capture the attention of both kids and adults.  Children of all ages will love exploring the limestone cave inside the Doris I. Schnuck Children’s Garden before sliding down Spelunker’s Slide, climbing up into a tree house, and boarding a steamboat.  Adults will want to feed the koi fish in the Japanese Garden before sitting down to enjoy a picnic lunch of their own.  

    Gateway Arch

    This arch rises 630 feet into the air and it has been a centerpiece of the city for more than fifty years.  Some people enjoy the view from the ground, but many will pay the fee to ride to the top, so that they can see spectacular aerial views.  

    St. Louis is known for beer, sports, and the outdoors, but there are many other things that people can do there as well.  People should add the places above to their itinerary and then research a few more places to add, so that they have a well-rounded vacation in this fantastic city.

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